All activities conducted at Kenthurst Study Centre challenge guests to live out their Christian calling in a practical and consistent manner.


Weekend Seminars
The annual ''Lights & Shadows'' conference, sponsored by Creston College, attracts professional women and students.
Recent topics have included:

  • ''Towards a More Human Society"
  • ''Understanding Diversity as a Basis for Social Harmony''
  • ''Lifestyle - Relationships as the Key to Work, Life and Balance''
  • ''Women and Professional Work''

Weekend study seminars for men have covered topics such as Postmodernism, Business Ethics and Social Teaching of the Catholic Church.


Day Seminars
Full-day seminars are conducted on topical cultural and societal issues. In recent years, themes have included:

  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Family development
  • Fashion


Residential Seminars for Clergy
Short seminars are offered several times each year for Bishops and diocesan clergy.
Highlights include:

  • Lectures by visiting clergy or laymen
  • Discussion forums on case studies and current issues
  • The celebration of Mass and time for personal prayer
  • Get-togethers and sport


Philosophy and Theology Seminars
Longer residential seminars are conducted for lay men and women on subjects of Philosophy and Theology.


Enquiries about Activities and Registration
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